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Social Media Content Ideas for a Year - 52 Week Content Calendar

Get a 12-page calendar with 5 creative and original social media post ideas for every week of the year, tailored to the safari industry.

Social Media Content for a Year

Social Media content ideas and posting regularly are probably right at the bottom of your Things-To-Do list, and perhaps you’ve had to cut costs and add ‘Social Media Marketing Manager’ to your ever-growing job title?

Our 52-Week Social Media Content Calendar (Safari Edition) offers one less uncertainty, with 5 post ideas for every week of the year tailored to the safari industry. And better yet, this once-off purchase can be used year-after-year with no expiry date to the ideas. All of the post suggestions in the calendar have been tried, tested, and succeeded with our clients social feeds through the years.

There really has never been a greater time than now to be social on social with quality content that grows your social presence and makes you top of mind with your ideal client.

Solve your social media content worries for only R399.00 (excluding VAT).